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monika steiner

What is art? To Monika Steiner, it’s exploring the tactile experience between perception and material reality. Using colors, shapes, and multiple layers, Monika adopts a meditative approach to painting the unseen aspects of life. She looks for an interconnectedness of the soul and the universe and strives to bring it to life through her abstract paintings.??


Monika was born and raised in Berne, Switzerland, where she became a school teacher. She aspired to move to the US and did, only to find that her teaching credentials were much different and therefore not applicable. As a result, she turned to her hobby — painting. She enrolled in the Art program at Sonoma State University and her world changed. She earned a BFA (magna cum laude) degree in painting and quickly became recognized and featured in galleries very early on.


??After a severe equestrian accident when she fell from her horse, Monika turned a painful time into a spiritual growth opportunity that re-defined her, offering a whole new perspective. Her work expresses this time with beauty, grace, and insight.


?Monika’s collections have been shown nationally and internationally in galleries, museums and public exhibitions. Just to name a few, her collections can be seen in the Trump Hotel in Panama City, JW Marriot Hotel in Ankara, Turkey, and the Maturango Museum Ridgecrest in California. She’s also featured in the Micaela Gallery in SF, Seattle and Santa Fe.

We will be livestreaming TEDx Silicon Valley on May 14th. Join us here.


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