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Ruth (@spontanesmiley) is smiling as she starts talking.
Having a happier life through the power of a smile.
Ruth speaks about her Spontaneous Smiley Project – a project to take smiles that appear all around us, or “a smiley” (they can appear on a cake, on a tree, in a glass). She urges us to be porous, to be open to the things that can potentially give us pleasure.
The Project started in 2008 as a facebook group and has since gotten 15million page request from around the world.
She has partnered with Operations Smile, a non-profit which works to give children with cleft lips the surgeries they need.
Stumbling across a smile or smiley, and being open to them, can remind us that we CAN chose to have a happier life – because 1000 times a day we can decide how we act and how we react. Hell, I’m smiling now.
- Post by Julian Marcelleus Jordan

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