TEDxSV Talks

Posted: May 16th, 2011 | Comments Off

Brian plays the cello for us. Then he drinks some water. All the while the screen behind him is registering points – as if his actions are being recorded for a game. He has lived in an abandoned airshaft for the last several years working to create sensors . . .
Everything he does (talk about painting, drink from a water bottle, play the cello) gets captured by this sensor software he has created and measured then mashed around to give him “lifestyle points” for example.
He throws the audience some toy balls and asks them to throw them around. They are equipped with sensors and a “happiness factor” of sorts is recorded on the screen.
Think about if these sensors could be used to give us a real life Zinga – we would get points in the real world for ACTUALLY working in our real yards.
- Post by Julian Marcelleus Jordan

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