Our inagural TEDx Silicon Valley event on December 12th, 2009 was watched by more than 100,000 individuals and groups from over 45 countries worldwide, and generated over 11.8 million social media impressions. Here are a few quotes of what people said about the event:

Speaker Reactions (via Twitter)

David de Rothschild – ” Loved being part of Ted x Silcon valley! Thanks team for the opportunity!”
Di-Ann Eisnor – “What an amazing event. Couldn’t sleep with ideas and collaboration in my head-Thank you @tedsv
Victor Tsaran “Amazed by all the response my playing/speaking generated during today’s #tedxsv conference; great event, great speakers; great org team!”
Thomas Goetz – “ kudos to @rgutman and team for pulling off such a feat. Reminded me of old times in Monterey…”
Nancy Lublin – ” loves that there is room in my life for conversation and learning. thank u TEDx SV”
Mona Brooks - ” #tedsv was wonderful, met tons of people doing amazing work. Stay tuned for more pics I took at the conference.

Audience’s Reactions (via Twitter)

anandc: Couple of times today I have felt like standing ovations, but then we’d be standing *a lot* (@tedsv) #tedxsv
: Already stimulated mentally and we’re only three talks in to #TEDxSV , can’t wait to gain knowledge and put it into action!
: @tedsv Great Job #tedxsv , Thanks for putting it live Enjoyed every moment of it, love from Pakistan.
: Driving home from an amazing #tedxsv – I love such concentrations of brilliant people!!! Listening to Daniel Berkman’s “Calabashmoon” CD. <3
: Huge Congrats to Ron Gutman & everyone at @TEDSV Fantastic event today probably best TEDx so far #tedxsv
: – Big up to the #tedxsv team for putting up such a great event! Hooray!
: #tedxsv is over. Now change the world, folks
: Congratulations @TEDxSV #TEDxSV for having MANY, fantastic women speakers. Look 4ward 2 videos of the day getting posted!
: Great list from today`s awesome @tedsv conference. Thanks for making this! @ahier/tedxsv #tedxsv
: Thanks for all the cool people I met today at #TedxSV. You reminded me why I really love this place
: Seconded! RT @tedsv: Amazing conference (@tedsv). Kudos to the #tedxsv team!! /via @anandc
: #TEDxSV was amazing..
: Thx #tedxsv. If tonight’s dreams can be infused with what I’ve learned today, who knows what could come of it. Sweet dreams every1
: RT @rjenbarr #tedxsv Probably the most social media literate conf I’ve attended
: Thanks to our extraordinary speakers and beautiful team for an inspirational, humbling TEDx Silicon Valley Conference! @tedsv #tedxsv #ted
: Yo @jensmccabe Thank you for running competent sound booth! So rare at confs! #tedxsv
: Social Media Power – #TedxSV is on now: One of the most powerful things about TEDxSV that is going on live in Silicon Valley
: is thanking the #TEDxSV org & volunteer team for being so awesome to work with!
: Getting ready for Round 2 of filming for #tedxsv. Just downed a Red Bull, think I’m ready to roll! :)


Forbes – World-changing ideas shared at TEDx Silicon Valley
peHUB –
TechCrunch –

Quotes from Email

Sally Rosenthal – ” Best stream ever. in some ways, the chat with links, direct access to organizers, etc. makes it even better than being in the room, it was thoroughly satisfying. congratulations and thanks for your hard work.”
Ishara Kotagama – “That was an INCREDIBLE event. I am still in awe.”

Audience’s Reactions (via UStream chat)

eddingsk: Thanks you TEDxSV!
octavdruta: look at them :) wonderful
timeimp: well im off to enjoy the rest of my sunday – GREAT JOB GUYS
ronald_Slovenia: thx #tedxsv … loking forward to new event
sebastjanm: bravo, good night

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